Information Technology Manager

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Help People Enjoy Music
Discogs is the largest database of music information. Each month, millions of people use Discogs to connect and learn about music as well as buy and sell it. We are a small and creative company where each employee's contribution can make a large impact. As Discogs continues to grow, we are looking for bright, dedicated, innovative and highly motivated people to help us realize the vision of Discogs: To be one of the premier websites for music enthusiasts everywhere.
Discogs HQ is located right off the Beaverton Central MAX stop in Portland, Oregon. We work in a bright and open office with tons of windows everywhere. Fresh coffee beans and snacks are always on hand and every Friday we have catered lunches delivered. Every month we have a hack day where you're free to hack on anything Discogs-related. Each employee is free to choose their preferred environment (laptop, display, editor, etc).
Information Technology Manager: Maintains information technology strategies by managing staff, systems, processes and researching/implementing technological solutions for a high traffic global website. Creating and managing the I.T. budget. Project managing I.T. team projects. Managing team members including: hiring, training, challenging employees, discipline if needed and cultivating a

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