IP Network Architect

Company Name:
Frontier Communications
IP Network Architect
Job Description - The IP Network Architect leads the effort in the creation of standards related to the IP networks within Frontier, both on a regional as well as national level. The successful candidate will utilize extensive knowledge and experience with IP standard bodies and associated technical specifications to promote the next generation IP networks, coordinate and lead inter-departmental development of network designs and policies, and develop procedures and schedule lab facilities for testing hardware elements and software feature releases that will be introduced into the network.
Minimum Requirements:
10 years of IP networking experience
Thorough understanding of IPv4, IPv6 and MPLS protocols
Vendor certifications desired but not required
Determined confidence in network goals and possess the interpersonal and leadership skills to influence others to adopt network standards
Working knowledge of layer 1 transport as it relates to layers 2 and 3
Capable of defining QoS standards for elements at all tiers in the IP network, as well as working with a larger team for end-to-end QOS development. Specific experience with DSCP, IPP and EXP for QOS/H-QOS
Strong subscriber background with extensive experience with DHCP and PPPoX infrastructures
Experience in investigating, testing and deploying new hardware and software elements
Candidate must possess outstanding interpersonal, presentation and writing skills
Must have experience with either Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent or Juniper routing platforms, with preference on Alcatel-Lucent
The following experience is preferred:
Strong focus on improving the quality of organizational decision making and Technology evaluation process
Contribute to defining strategic network objectives and guiding the development process to achieving the strategic network objectives
Demonstrated understanding of the role and impact of cross-functional departments and their relative impact on company initiatives.
Proven ability to solve problems creatively and with a "can do" attitude.
Develop an achievable set of network performance objectives and then measure performance to those metrics.
Job Location: BEAVERTON, Oregon, United States
Position Type: Full-Time/Regular
Tracking Code: 310804-798

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