Document Management Specialist

Company Name:
Our Document Management Specialist manages the dispositioning (collection, labeling, filing, destruction) of employment forms. This role ensures that Nike policies, state laws, and federal laws are met with respect to document retention and storage. There is a heavy focus on the manual filing of paper documents.
I-9 form management
Responsible for maintaining I-9 files. Serves as the I-9 expert of the Talent Operations team. Follows up with managers on all I-9 forms completed incorrectly, to ensure Nike receives a compliant I-9 for every hire. Files all I-9 forms. On a monthly basis, pulls I-9s for all employees terminated that month (average 1,200), calculates document purge date, and files I-9s by purge date. Purges termed I-9s monthly. Meets with employees with expiring work authorization to complete a new I-9s.
Other form management
Responsible for maintaining high density file room. Creates new employee records, by placing new-hire documents into separate folders, as required by law. Labels new employee records with empl ID and places them in high density filing system. Manually files all employment documents sent to Americas HR Direct (direct deposit forms, performance evaluations, corrective action documents, etc.). Requests termed employee files from Archives.
Overseeing the work of a year-round external temporary worker, who will assist with the manual filing work. Assists the Talent Operations team as needed. May include assigning hire contacts, logging paperwork received, processing employee moves, etc. 545781
- College degree with 2 years of HR/Administrative experience or 4 years of HR/Administrative Experience in lieu of degree
- 1+ years experience working with I-9 forms
- 1+ years experience filing
- 1+ years experience working with HR records
- Effectively executes and manages multiple competing priorities
- Maintains a high-level of quality, accuracy & confidentiality
- Work well in a collaborative & team environment
- Understanding of general human resource principles and policies
- Strong verbal and written communication skills
- Proficient in using Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

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