Dental Assistant - Beaverton

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Willamette Dental Management Corporation
When you work at Willamette Dental Group, the organization's progressive approach frees you to do what matters to you-and our patients. What makes this multi-specialty group practice unique, and better, is a commitment to proactively facilitating the best possible health outcomes. Combined with a dedication to leveraging scientific data, skill, and the experience to make them happen, when you embrace the organization's guiding philosophy, you free yourself to facilitate healthy outcomes-and open yourself up to a world of professional growth and success.
Learn more about Willamette Dental Group: #findyourfreedomwdg
The dental assistant prepares and maintains instruments, equipment, and materials for all dental procedures, while ensuring our patients are as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Working under the supervision of a dentist, the dental assistant performs all aspects of four-handed dentistry and dental assisting within the scope outlined by his/her state's dental practice act. The dental assistant must be proficient in coronal polishing and sealant placement. The dental assistant must have excellent communication skills, be able to council our patients in postoperative care and general oral health, as well as demonstrate an understanding of evidence based dentistry.
Oregon X-Ray and EFDA required. Sealant and CDA preferred.
We offer great team oriented working environments, competitive pay, and an EXCELLENT benefits package. Benefits include medical, dental, 401k, paid time off, continuing education, and more.
Willamette Dental Group is a 2014 Press Ganey Success Story Award Winner in Recognition of our Innovative Approach to Organizational Change in Patient Experience

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