Technical Architect

Company Name:
Position Type:
We are currently looking for a Technical Architect to join our team. The Technical Architect will act as a domain expert to sales teams on the Exterro platform and how it fits into an enterprise IT architecture. With a broad IT background the Technical Architect will be comfortable discussing and demonstrating all aspects of the Exterro platform including hosting infrastructure, security, integration and declarative/programmatic extensions to IT audiences. With a strong blend of technical and sales skills the Technical Architect uses a consultative approach to understand business and technical requirements and to help the sales teams develop and refine a technical sales strategy and Exterro Solutions fit.
Roles and responsibilities:
The Technical Architect will participate in the delivery of product and best practices educational sessions to existing customers and the broader Platform as a Service market.
Advise IT teams as they look buy Exterro Platform
Present Exterro's technology infrastructure, including demonstrating deep familiarity with company's hosting infrastructure, security and integration capabilities
Understand the customer need and establish company's product as the best solution that addresses the technical and business requirements
Manage customer technical due diligence and risk management processes
Work closely with other elements of the Exterro organization sales, product marketing, etc. to develop and execute

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