Manager(s), Pivotal Technical Staff

Company Name:
EMC Corporation
DUTIES: Responsible for product delivery for GemFire and SQLFire releases. Work closely with product management, release management and support teams to ensure that product delivery commitments and customer commitments are met on a timely basis. Participate in specification, design, implementation, evangelism and support of the product, as well as improve existing features and product performance. Mentor and coach a team of software engineers comprising both junior and senior engineers. Responsible for ranking and rating the team as well as helping with their career development. Inspire the team to compete and succeed in a rapidly changing market place. Work with technical writers and trainers.
REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree in Comp. Sci., Engin.(any), Business, Math, Physics, or related technical field plus 60 months experience in job offered or computer-related occupation. Experience must include 60 months of progressive, post-baccalaureate work experience. Experience must include: 1) Designing and developing GemFire data fabric products, 2) PDX (Portable Data eXchange) cross language data format, 3) Fault Tolerant Paradigms (SQL, XQuery, OLAP/OLTP data mining), 4) Dynamic cluster algorithms for cluster management, 5) Data replication across WAN sites, and 6) Visual Statics Display (VSD) tools. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.

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