Outpatient Clinician - QMHP (Master's degree)

Sequoia Mental Health is seeking a full time Therapist for our Adult Outpatient program. This position will provide therapy as well as case management in both clinic and community settings as appropriate.
Essential Job Functions include:
Delivers therapeutic services using an evidence based approach on an individual basis. Service delivery may be in-home services or in-office services depending on the need.
Provides assessment services and caseload consultation. Provides on-going assessment, evaluation, treatment, discharge planning and other therapeutic services as required.
Completes accurate, timely clinical documentation of the highest quality and consistent with agency standards, rules and regulation. Completes required assessments, treatment plans and progress notes.
Formulates, coordinates and implements programming associated with the treatment plan through full knowledge of the client history and the impact on course of treatment.
Facilitates the implementation of the treatment plan with the client and their family as appropriate.. Monitors the overall course of treatment services for the client and family. Convenes treatment team meetings as scheduled or as needed.
Provides input in all treatment plan reviews, psychiatric consultations, internal/external utilization meetings, and/or any client review meetings requiring the therapist's input.
Works within the philosophy, function and Human Resources practices of Sequoia Mental Health Services, Inc.
Attends agency and required training as directed.
Prepares and conducts agency-wide or program specific training as directed.
Participate in all Continuous Quality Improvement activities as required.
Must possess means of providing job related transportation and show proof of required insurance.
Must be able to work flexible hours, including evenings
Must successfully complete and maintain criminal background check.
A Master's Degree from an accredited university or college in the field of social work, counseling, or psychology and two years' experience in providing services to persons with mental illness and training in evaluations and assessments, treatment planning, treatment interventions, documentation, pharmacology, abuse regulations, patient rights and special clinical circumstances such as emergencies, suicide and out-of-control behavior.
Must possess and maintain a valid Oregon or Washington driver's license with no record of criminal driving offense of license suspension.
Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing.
Ability to establish effective working relationships with clients, co-workers, supervisors and other individuals. Possess effective interpersonal skills.
Knowledge of counseling, intervention and treatment methods, strategies and techniques.
Knowledge of quality documentation as required by agency standards, rules, regulations, and Medicaid BHOS.
Ability to conduct assessments, treatment evaluations, counseling in both group and individual sessions, treatment planning, and discharge planning.
Ability to work as a multi-disciplinary team member in a positive productive manner.
Ability to convey ideas, concepts and case studies to clients, other clinical staff, families, court, and to other audiences as required.

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