EFDA - Certified Dental Assistant - On Call

Provide direct support to dentists, hygienists, denturists and other provider personnel in the delivery of dental care and service within a Kaiser Permanente dental office. Essential Responsibilities: 1. PERFORM ALL OF THE DUTIES permitted a dental assistant consistent with the individual-s training and in the presence of or under the observation of a licensed provider as referenced in State Dental Practice Act and the related Administrative Rules. These duties to include: - Apply topical anesthetic and desensitizing agents, as directed by the provider, - Removal of sutures and post-extraction and periodontal dressings, - Retract a patient-s cheek, tongue, or other tissue during an operation, - Assist in the placement or removal of a rubber dam, - Remove debris created during operative procedures with a vacuum device, compressed air, mouth washes, or water, - Extra-oral procedures which are not hazardous, - Inspect the oral cavity using a mirror, - Dry root canals with paper points, - Place temporary filling material into the endodontic access, - Take impressions for periodontal night guard, - Polish the coronal surfaces of teeth when a dentist or hygienist has determined teeth are free of calculus, - Train persons (patients) in techniques of oral hygiene and prevention of oral disease, Place films (dental radiographs), adjust equipment preparatory to exposing films, and expose films. 2. IN SUPPORT of the practice of a dentist provider who is not an orthodontist; - Preliminary select and size bands, - Remove fixed orthodontic appliances, - Check for loose bands and brackets, - Remove ligature ties and head appliances, - Place and remove arch wires, elastics and orthodontic separators, - Take intra-oral measurements for orthodontic procedures, - Remove supra-gingival orthodontic bracket bonding material with a hand piece that does not exceed 25,000 revolutions per minute - Place ligature ties and head appliances. - Train persons (patients) in techniques of oral hygiene and prevention of oral disease. - Place films (dental radiographs), adjust equipment preparatory to exposing films, and expose films. 3. ORGANIZE patient-s dental record consistent with established guidelines, confirm its availability and assure that it is in order and ready for provider-s use at the time care and service is to be provided. 4. GREET, INTRODUCE SELF TO, and INFORM PATIENT of general treatment to be provided and provider to be seen consistent with established Kaiser Permanente Behavioral Guidelines. 5. REVIEW HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE with patient and notify provider of reported conditions that could effect treatment. 6. PROMOTE patient-s emotional comfort by gaining rapport, instilling confidence and promoting tranquility. 7. INFORM and ANSWER patient-s and/or parent-s questions regarding care and service provided as directed by provider. 8. ANTICIPATE NEEDS of provider in the delivery of patient care and service. 9. COMMUNICATE INFORMATION important to maintaining the proper scheduling and flow of patients consistent with information recorded in the patient-s dental record. 10. PREPARE, ORGANIZE, ARRANGE and PASS DENTAL INSTRUMENTS, SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS as requested by the provider and required by established guidelines. 11. ESTABLISH and MAINTAIN a CLEAR and CLEAN OPERATING FIELD. 12. RECORD and/or VERIFY INFORMATION in the patient-s dental record according to established procedures. 13. RECORD and/or VERIFY ALL PATIENT CARE AND SERVICE RELATED INFORMATION on all necessary forms and documents consistent with established guidelines and in a manner that accurately reflects the information documented in the patient-s dental record. 14. AS REQUIRED IN SUPPORT OF DIRECT PATIENT CARE ACTIVITIES, ENTER, RETRIEVE AND TRANSMIT PATIENT CARE AND SERVICE RELATED INFORMATION via the Program-s automated patient and provider scheduling system (TEAM), consistent with established guidelines and training. 15. RESPOND TO MEDICAL EMERGENCY SITUATIONS consistent wit

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